This blog is very much about offering independent comment and information on all matters relating to financial planning and the financial markets.

However, I just want to take this opportunity to announce a very prestigious award that AES International has won which is the ‘ Financial Times 2010 – New Breed Advisor Award’

Please see link below for further info:

What this does is to reaffirm to our clients and other partners, what they knew already, and that is that we care a great deal about what it is that we do. At AES we are focused on maximising the very best client outcomes. This may be achieving retirement goals or sending the children to the best university. Whatever our client’s objectives may be, they come first – full stop.



About AES Adviser

AES Adviser advises expatriate clients worldwide on all financial planning matters including wealth management, estate planning, offshore bank accounts, savings and investment, insurance, multi-generational wealth transfer and generating income, from wealth accumulated, to support retirement.