Reliable Investment Options For Expats

When it comes to investing your money there are a myriad of different options available. If you’re not particularly financially-minded then the choice can be overwhelming and confusing. AES are the financial investment specialists, and we’re fully independent so you can be sure that the advice you receive from us is honest and geared towards your best interests.

We offer reliable, tailored advice on investments for expats and UK resdients alike. The process begins with an AES adviser taking the time to get to know you and find out what makes you tick. This helps us to build up a picture of the investment options that will best suit your needs.

Our investment advice is centered upon what is known as ‘evidence based investing’.  Evidence Based Investing makes use of the best evidence currently available for the initial design and implementation of an investment portfolio as well as for subsequent ongoing management of that portfolio.

The concept behind EBI hales from lauded professors and scholars from around the world, including Myron Scholes, Harry Markowitz, Robert C. Merton, William F. Sharpe, Eugene Fama and Merton Miller, all of whom are Nobel Prize laureates.

We fundamentally believe that markets are efficient. Therefore, we will tend to favour ‘passive’ investment funds, over their ‘active’ counterparts. Efficient Market Hypothesis has proven over and over again that it is very difficult to consistently outperform the major market indexes especially when the cost of running an active strategy is taken into account.


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