Saving makes us all feel good. Knowing that we are making provision for, and protecting, our financial future. The question is are you saving in the most effective way possible? Is the disposable income that you have each month working as hard for you as it could be?

At AES we know what it is to maximise the effectiveness of our client’s savings. Expats will often enjoy periods of high earnings. We can provide information on all the options available to maximise this savings period.

Whether you are looking for fixed return that beats bank deposit rates or are happy to ride the volatility of the stock and commodity markets, for the potential of a greater long term return, we can help. Either way, we want to be actively involved in a plan to increase your net worth. Perhaps you’re an Oil & Gas worker, based offshore, looking to put in place a wealth accumulation plan? No problem, we can conduct all of our consultations, and ongoing contact, over the phone and online with documentation sent via DocuSign or email.

Whether you are saving for a rainy day, a new home or to put your children through University, we can tell you about all of the very best options available to you. Contact us today to learn more.

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