Russell is a highly principled and trusted advisor to me and my wife on a range of wealth management issues. He is diligent and creative. Whilst he plays strictly by the book this does not prevent his recommendation of innovative solutions. I have dealt with other financial advisers previously and been frustrated by their tendency to sit on the fence. Russell gives you all the evidence and presents it in a cogent and dispassionate way which nevertheless facilitates the client making a decision without the sweat and butterflies in the stomach!

A.Jones MD. Dubai

Having worked with AES International for some time now I have been most impressed with, not only the performance of my investments, but also their commitment to providing a genuinely superior level of customer service. They are clearly dedicated to what it is that they do and it is, therefore, of no surprise to me that they win the awards that they do. Without hesitation I’d happily recommend their wealth management services to other prospective clients

A. Weihrauch – Nigeria, Germany

To whom it may concern

My adviser has been acting as my financial adviser on behalf since
July 2009. The advice has been consistently helpful and he has made a conspicuous
effort to gear his proposals to my family’s circumstances. His service has always been punctual, courteous and friendly. His approach is thoroughly professional and I would gladly recommend him to anyone seeking sound financial advice.

Anthony U – Munich, Germany

During our first meeting, my adviser took the time to carefully consider my personal situation and financial goals. He produced a comprehensive report outlining my investment options, then (in close consultation with me) tailored an investment strategy to suit my needs. I would consider my adviser to be commercially astute and diligent, and responds quickly to my queries. He is also very proactive – he provides regular updates on market changes, and clearly explains the recommendations that he makes.
I have every confidence in my adviser’s talent, professionalism and commitment to client service. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking financial advice.

Kirraley B – Den Haag, Netherlands

Mr Hammond is my financial advisor since 2007. Despite the financial turmoil of these last years, my savings did not suffer. His advice is always punctual and well explained. I also appreciate that he is always available to discuss new financial matters

Sergio M – Monza, Italy

Working with AES has been not only productive but also pleasurable. Their deep knowledge of the financial markets and special expat needs, together with their availability and responsiveness have been valuable assets

Jorge P – Noordwijk, Netherlands

Working with AES means having their thorough attention, competent advice and continuous care about the state of your investments. Before making the decision whether or not to go along with AES, I asked my adviser to kindly introduce me to some of his existing clients to see if they would also recommend him. He kindly agreed to put me in touch with a couple of them and since they were very positive about their experience I decided to resort to using his services to manage my investments and I thoroughly recommend him, and AES, to anyone interested in their financial future

Dmitry B – Den Haag, Netherlands

With the wide variety of investment options out there having a company like AES to guide you in the right direction is, to say the least, extremely valuable. I would highly recommend their services. It’s no wonder that the likes of the BBC have called upon their services as expert contributors to their programmes

Sandy G – London, UK

Steve has been providing advice and support with respect to our financial affairs over a period since September 2009. Throughout this time. Steve has taken the time to carefully map out our existing assets, then to understand our particular needs and to propose suitable actions to plan for our future.

His approach is professional and at the same time personal – giving the assurance of a solid and reliable service, whilst also treating us as individuals he is a reliable consultant demonstrating care and responsibility with respect to the arrangements and appointments being made; he is always punctual. and presents a smart and professional image as a financial advisor as well as being proactive when following up on issues. accurately providing the necessary information to base decisions upon, and also gently ensuring that we, for our part, take the necessary steps to execute our agreed actions. His knowledge of the financial environment is comprehensive and reliable.

In conclusion, I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to my
colleagues or to my other friends and acquaintances.

David E – Munich, Germany

In the past I handled my own investments. I found I am not a disciplined investor. As an independent oil and gas contractor, I need good financial advice for my savings and wealth. I am not in any pension scheme.I worked with a financial planner based out of Spain when working in the Middle East, who set-up an offshore investment bond for me. I had an uncomfortable feeling with this financial planner. He did not have the growth of my wealth as his primary goal in my opinion.I searched the internet for financial advisers in The Netherlands with experience with offshore investment bonds. I came across Russell Hammond.I asked him how he would restructure my portfolio in the offshore investment bond, with as main goal to grow my wealth over the long run. He immediately came back with a solid proposal. He then took over as my financial adviser. I have felt very comfortable with his advice and have always felt he has the growth of my wealth as his primary goal.I speak to him quarterly and he has always given good advice and even in more difficult times made my wealth grow. Russell Hammond has been my financial adviser since October 2011.He is an excellent financial adviser, with the growth of your wealth as his primary goal.

William B – Perth, Australia,


I needed QROPS advice as was working abroad. Having received advice from another firm initially, I was looking for another adviser to take over my QROPS – of whom would give me honest and impartial advice, and that wouldn’t be driven by their own desire to earn commissions. Russell is fee-based and makes a point of highlighting that he doesn’t take commission from any of the companies he uses – which therefore guarantees his independence in a very real way. He has been very helpful with his advice concerning my investments. I was hoping for better returns, and it was this hope that was a key driver to seek Russell out – he’s helping me to achieve that so am happy with how things have gone.


Oliver S. – Devon, UK,