Many of our new, prospective, clients have been referred to us from an existing AES client, however, we recognise that there is still much for you to know about us and how we work.

Therefore, our normal process of service is to arrange an initial meeting, which may be in person or online using e-conferencing, which is without charge or obligation.

During the initial meeting it provides an opportunity for us to tell you a bit more about what it is that we do, here at AES International, and for us to gather information from you to make an assessment as to whether what we do, and offer, is going to add value to your financial planning strategy.

On-Line Consultations – Save Time, Maximise Efficiency

As mentioned above, we can conduct our initial and subsequent meetings on-line using e-conferencing. Perhaps you’re time poor and, thus, being able to hold a meeting whilst you’re at home or away on business is more convenient for you.

No problem. With the advent of modern communication methods, we are now more than capable of conducting equally meaningful consultations on-line as we can face-to-face. With some of our clients, we exclusively work with them on a remote basis.

Completely Transparent and Unbiased

If you were to go to a retail bank for investment advice, they would endeavour to give you the very best advice they could, however they may be limited to their own products or services which could mean that they will be limited in best addressing your own, personal, financial planning requirements.

We are able to select for you the most appropriate solution to address your individual financial planning needs. We have no external influencing pressures that will impact on the advice that we give. The outcome for you, as our client, is that you get to benefit from working with a financial consultancy firm that works to meets your needs completely.

We Will Always Put Your Interests First

Place a High level of Importance on Service

When you become a client of ours we have regular contact at least every 3 – 6 months to keep you updated with how your investment is performing, any product changes, developments in the market and to very simply, allow you to keep in touch with your money. This is because ultimately, we are not dealing with static variables. Your situation will change over the coming months and years and of course the investment market is constantly moving.

At AES International we have many clients that have moved to other areas of the world, such as the Far East, Middle East Africa etc. Irrespective of where you move to, we continue to have regular contact via telephone and email. At AES International you deal with real people not switch boards. Our business model is centred around keeping our existing clients continually satisfied.

We want to keep you as a client for 20 years, not 2 years.

Place an Even Higher level of Importance on Security

Within AES we make use of only the very best, and most established, financial intuitions to ensure that we allow our clients to address their financial planning requirement with the very highest levels of security.

We only ever advise our clients on investment within large established institutions and safe and established international investment centres.

Our motto;

“Protect First, Profit Later”

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