Choosing a Financial Services firm is difficult. There are necessary, particular, prerequisites such as being fully Qualified and highly experienced, however, beyond this where else can you go to really understand, and compare, one organisation with another?

Most Financial Services & Wealth Management companies will have a testimonials page which, whilst useful, fail to give you the full picture about how genuinely effectively that organisation works for it’s clients.

We are of the opinion that we need to let the independent  organisations assess how well we stack up against our competition. As such, AES International has won numerous awards, and been recognised by various international organisations, for demonstrating excellence in what it is that we do.


Let our clients, and the financial services industry, help you to decide as to whether AES International is a company that you are willing to entrust your financial planning to.

Awards & Recognitions

We know that there are many different financial organisations that you could choose to work with so we’ll let others tell you what they think about us.