Have you been considering making an investment into the Old Mutual International Collective Investment Bond (CIB)? The Collective Investment bond provides a tax efficient, simple, cost effective investment structure that compares favourably to many of it’s rival international investment products.

However, where you aware that International Advisers have a range of options available to them concerning the charging structures that they can use, when advising their clients on making use of a Collective Investment Bond?

Why would you choose AES for your Old Mutual International Collective Investment Bond, CIB Investment?

  1. We use the lowest costed charging structure from Old Mutual International
  2. We do not take commission from Old Mutual International or any of the underlying funds
  3. Our charges normally calculate at around 75% less than our international competitors
  4. We are highly regulated, by the UK FCA, based in offices in South West London
  5. We regularly win awards for our service


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 Based in London, regulated in the UK, we advise clients all over the world. 



Committed to getting clients a better deal offshore. Old Mutual International Collective Investment Bond, CIB


About AES International

AES Adviser advises expatriate clients worldwide on all financial planning matters including retirement planning, offshore bank accounts, savings and investment, insurance, pension transfers and generating income, from wealth accumulated, to support retirement.

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