If you’re interested in making use of a QROPS but not so interested in paying sky high management fees, talk to us. We can provide a Self Managed QROPS solution that will benefit from our administrative, compliance and back-office support – however, outside of a few pointers, we will leave the investment selection process down to you.

If you’re wondering who AES we are a UK based (FCA Qualified) financial services firm, operating out of offices worldwide and dealing with clients on an Internet direct basis, that specialises in helping expats with their financial planning and investment requirements during the time that they are living and working as internationals – as well as continuing to take care of them when they return home.

We know that (particularly when dealing with a financial services firm when you’re a long way from home) you need to know that you are dealing with an organisation you can trust. Having won awards from the Sunday Times, Financial Times, and Money Marketing you can rest assured that you are dealing with a financial services group that has it’s clients best interests at heart, at all times.

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About AES Adviser

AES Adviser advises expatriate clients worldwide on all financial planning matters including wealth management, estate planning, offshore bank accounts, savings and investment, insurance, multi-generational wealth transfer and generating income, from wealth accumulated, to support retirement.