The Ipensions SIPP 2023, The Ipensions Adviser SIPP, The Ipensions International SIPP – Read This Before You Buy

The Ipensions SIPP (formally Momentum International SIPP) has emerged, in recent years, as one of the most popular Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) for the non-UK resident. With the door for transfer to QROPS having been closed in popular expat destinations, including Canada and Australia, and then with the possibility of the Overseas Transfer Charge, being applied to a QROPS transfer, the Ipenions  SIPP works equally effectively at allowing non-UK residents to consolidate their UK pension assets and have these pension assets managed in accordance with their individual risk profile, currency and investment needs and particular financial planning objectives.


If you have been recommended an Ipensions SIPP, or Momentum International SIPP, by a financial adviser this year, speak to us before you move forward. As non-commission, fee only,  award winning, Chartered Financial Planner and Investment Advisers, we are able to set up your Ipensions SIPP on a non-commission, fee only, basis which will mean:

  • Ordinarily lower charges as we do not take commissions from any fund or provider
  • No lock ins or exit penalties to move in and out of the investments contained within your Ipensions International SIPP / Ipensions Adviser SIPP
  • No upfront commissions which mean that you’re not stuck with management fees for 8-10 years
  • Total transparency – advice and reports conforming to UK ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ standards
  • Interests totally aligned. Because we only get paid for as long as you’re happy with what we’re doing for you (and we’re not paid upfront via huge commissions), you can rest assured that your and our interests are most appropriately aligned – at ALL times
  • Advice provided by a UK regulated (NB: the extent to which UK regulation would apply to you is dependent upon where you are resident when receiving financial advice) and UK Qualified Chartered Financial Planner
  • Cash Flow Modelling provided as part of our Pension Management service. CFM helps you to understand the long term sustainability of your pension drawdown income plan. Our clients rate our Cash Flow Modelling service very highly indeed.

Drop us a line today for a fee-free initial meeting to understand more in respect to the manner in which we could set-up your Ipensions SIPP for you. We look forward to hearing from you.



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