Why It’s Important to Get Independent Advice on QROPS

QROPS – a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme – can be a valuable tax planning tool for British expats who are now permanently resident overseas, or planning on living overseas for five years or more. QROPS legislation is complicated, but in essence, most people are able to take a lump sum payment initially, and income from their QROPS which will be taxed locally where there is a dual taxation agreement in place with the selected QROPS jurisdiction.

Switching your pension provision from a UK scheme to a QROPS is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make, and getting it wrong could have a huge impact on your lifestyle and financial situation. Some QROPS advisers have a vested interest in selling you their own QROPS products, or have links with providers  to push their products over others. How can you be sure that they’re working with your best interests at heart, rather than with one eye on their next commission cheque?

We understand the important nature of these financial decisions. We are completely independent, and have no links with pension providers. We also work on a fee rather than a commission basis for complete transparency, and can offer solutions which are far more cost-effective than many other institutions who are not independent and fee based. Wherever you are in the world we’d be happy to help and give you advice. We’ll even offer the initial meeting free of charge so you’ve nothing to lose.


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