How Difficult Is It To Set Up a QROPS In France?

Many of the estimated quarter of a million UK expats living in France will at some point have to make important decisions regarding what to do with their UK-based pension funds. Many expats living in France will have heard about the benefits of a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) but might be concerned that they are complex to set up and almost impossible to understand. We can help by explaining everything to you in straightforward language, and giving you advice on your specific circumstances.

QROPS are not right for every client in every situation, however, you could be financially much better off using a QROPS for your pension income. We won’t go into huge detail now, but you should know that you may be able to take a larger lump sum than with you current UK pension, and you might not have to pay as much tax on income withdrawn from it either. There are other benefits too, and we’d be happy to talk you through the finer details of QROPS in France.

It can be difficult to get independent advice on QROPS in France as so many advisers might appear to be independent on the surface, but have close ties with the people providing the underlying pensions. We offer truly impartial advice on a fee basis rather than receiving commissions for products we sell. Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing that we are properly Qualified for the advice that we provide, are highly rated by or our customers and have won many awards for our service.

So setting up and running a QROPS in France needn’t be as complicated as you may think. Contact us today for a fee-free, initial dicussion.


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