Returning to the UK with QROPS – Transferring a QROPS to the UK

So, you’ve taken the decision to now move back to the UK, yet you’re now holding your formally UK pension assets in a QROPS and you now need advice on moving your QROPS back to the UK. If you scour the web you’ll come across all sorts of guides on what you should and shouldn’t do now. Jam-packed full of financial jargon and acronyms when all you want to know is A: Can you keep your QROPS now that you’ve moved back to the UK and B: Will you be worse off as a result of holding your pension assets in a QROPS and C: Should you transfer back to a UK Pension (a SIPP potentially)?

There’s quite a bit to consider, including:

  • Unauthorised payments
  • Tax free cash entitlement 
  • Income drawdown considerations
  • Tax liability 
  • Succession and death benefits
  • Underlying investment strategy and it’s sustained suitability for you

Well, rather than making you read yet another long blog post, how about another suggestion. Talk to us! We are experts in the field of QROPS and all things UK pensions. If you complete our contact form to the right, one of our Chartered Financial Planners (ie: a financial adviser that is highly experienced and knows a lot about pensions) will call you back to discuss your options. We are exclusively fee based in the way that we work with QROPS and UK Pension Transfers, however, we do not charge for any fees for any initial discussions.

Something that we often see, with people moving back to the UK and that are holding QROPS, is that their underlying investment strategy can be significantly improved in terms of either cutting costs, improving return or arranging the investments in such a way that they are better suited for individual circumstances. Now that you’ve returned to the UK you may wish to start thinking about accessing your pension via income drawdown. Therefore, the investment strategy that you had in the past may now not be suitable as you enter a different period in your life.



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