Arrange a QROPS Online, From UK Based Pension Specialist

Now, by virtue of the fact that you’ve ended up here, you’ve already done a lot of research on arranging a QROPS! There’s a lot of information out there, and not all of it all that helpful.

The problem, with the QROPS industry, is that there are a lot of people advising on something that, itself is a very complex area of advice and requires specialist knowledge. That’s why there is a specialist qualification called ‘Pension Transfer Specialist’ that the UK financial services regulator deems as being necessary in order for an adviser to provide advice on Pension Transfers. Curiously, however, the number of financial advisers providing Pension Transfer advice to expats, who are Pension Transfer Specialists is probably less than 1%. If you had something wrong with your knee, you’d go to a doctor specialising with knee injuries, not your GP. So it is with Pension Transfers. In order to receive the very best advice on whether you should transfer your UK pension or not, you need to work with a Pension Transfer Specialist.

Within AES International, we provide advice on UK Pension Transfers, from UK Pension Transfer Specialists authorised and Qualified by the UK FCA. Is the investment advice that you are receiving, within your QROPS, protected under the UK FOS? Ours is.

Further, we do not take commissions, when we arrange a QROPS which is your assurance that we are working in your best interests at all times. We work on a fee basis, which starts off with a fee-free initial meeting at a time of your choosing using the latest e-meeting software. Really easy, all you need to do is click on a link using your PC or Ipad and we’re sharing a screen, talking like you would if you were using Skype.

Contact us today for your fee-free initial meeting. We’re 100% independent, 100% fee based and will always ensure that we work in your best interests at all times.


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