Value of Services Provided by Homemakers
Estimated at Over $96,000/year

Most people grossly undervalue homemakers.
But if you place a monetary value on all the tasks undertaken in housekeeping,
the total value of these services comes up to over $96,000, even by a
conservative estimate. If you have been underestimating the value of services
provided by homemakers, here are a few figures that will compel you to rethink.

Price of a Clean House

Cleaning is one of the basic housekeeping tasks.
It includes dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, making beds and scrubbing sinks. The  cost of professional house cleaning service depends on the size of property,  the number of rooms and the time taken for the task. For cleaning a 900 sq. ft.  house with 5 rooms twice a week, professional maids typically charge around $60  – $120 a week. You need to pay extra for tasks like dusting blinds and refrigerator/oven cleaning.

Clean Clothes come at a Cost

You may take the laundry service provided by a homemaker for granted, but in their absence, you will have to pay a steep price for clean clothes. The cost of professional laundry service varies based on the area and the type of clothing. Annually, you can end up spending a minimum of $936 on laundry, if the service costs 90 cents per pound and you give about 20 pounds of clothes for cleaning per week.

Filling Your Stomach can Empty Your

Cooking is one of the biggest tasks involved in housekeeping. It includes preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks for the whole family. Personal chefs make between $200 and $500 per day in the US. If you decide to employ a personal chef for cooking on weekdays, it will lighten your pocket by $52,260 annually. Grocery shopping is another factor that needs to be considered here. While homemakers do this for free, a grocery delivery service will cost you an additional $5-$10 per visit.

Counseling is another important service provided by a homemaker. You can discuss all your problems free of cost, but a counselor is likely to charge you tens of thousands of dollars for the same. Similarly, driving, childcare and lawn maintenance are some other services offered by homemakers that have monetary value. While homemakers provide all these services free of cost, the skills are worth a considerable amount of money in
the market.

Some may view the above as somewhat tongue in cheek, it may well be. However, it is certainly true that the home maker is worth much more than many of us value!


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