Clock Ticking on Greek Debt Deal

As the talks with Greeks creditors continues investor sentiment has fallen as euro zone finance ministers rejected private creditors demands for a 4 percent coupon on new, longer-dated bonds expected be issued in exchange for existing Greek holdings. If a resolution, on Greece's debt, is not reached by March, when Greece must repay...

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As Janaury Goes so Goes the Year..

The argument behind the so-called January Barometer is that a positive first month in the stock markets is very often a precursor to a positive year as a whole. Unlike most market related anecdotes this one is backed up be some scientific research. According to an analysis of the years from...

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Modern Portfolio Theory In Action

Modern Portfolio Theory makes a preposition that diff assets move in different (some say opposing) directions particularly when markets experience periods of high volatility. However during extreme periods of vol we will often see all assets move down in unison -e.g post 2008 crisis. However, once markets get over the shock...

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