Funny thing…is Life

Life is unpredictable. In its mysterious nature, it offers joy and sorrow, prosperity and adversity. Yet, one aspect remains certain, inevitable and impartial: death. It is a rather discomforting subject, but one that needs addressing. To prepare for such a reality is not morbid but rather a profound act of love. A life insurance policy is, in many ways, the final love letter you send to your family. It’s a message of care, thoughtfulness, and protection, securing their future even in your absence.

Life Insurance?

Firstly, what is life insurance? Simply put, it’s a contract with an insurance company that promises to provide a sum of money (the death benefit) to your nominated beneficiaries upon your death. You pay regular premiums, and in return, the insurance company carries the financial risk of your untimely death. This is more than a transaction—it’s a way of showing your family how much you care about their financial future, their well-being, and their security after you’re gone.

While everyone understands the importance of saying ‘I love you’ and showing affection to family members while we’re alive, not everyone grasps the significance of expressing this love even beyond our existence. It’s here where life insurance comes into the picture, symbolising a final love letter, a testament of enduring love and commitment.

Life insurance, as a love letter, demonstrates your forethought. It indicates that you’ve considered the challenges your family might face in your absence and have taken measures to ease their burden. The death of a loved one is painful enough, and the financial implications can compound the sorrow and stress. An insurance payout can help mitigate the financial shock, providing a safety net at a time when emotional resilience may be low.

Mortgage repayments, monthly bills, school fees, and other living costs don’t cease with your demise. In your absence, these costs may be overwhelming for your family, especially if you’re the primary breadwinner. However, a life insurance policy can provide an essential financial buffer, allowing your family to maintain their lifestyle and cover expenses without significant disruption. This is your way of saying, ‘I’ve got you covered.’

Safeguard Children’s Future

Further, life insurance can ensure your children’s future, particularly in regard to their education. High-quality education in the UK isn’t cheap, and in your absence, these costs could become unmanageable. By investing in a life insurance policy, you provide a means to safeguard your children’s educational opportunities, ensuring they have the resources to pursue their dreams. This is your silent message, saying, ‘I want you to fulfil your potential, even if I’m not around to see it.’

Moreover, many life insurance policies offer an inheritance planning option, allowing you to name your children as beneficiaries. This action can create an inheritance for them, guaranteeing they have a financial head-start when it’s their time to venture into adulthood. An additional layer of comfort can be provided by a “trust,” which ensures the policy payout is handled responsibly, often avoiding inheritance tax. This is your heartfelt message, telling them, ‘I want you to have a strong start in life.’

It’s worth considering the cost of funerals in the UK. The average cost continues to rise, well above £4,000. Life insurance can cover this substantial expense, sparing your loved ones the additional stress of arranging funds during an already challenging time. This is your final whisper of care, saying, ‘I don’t want you to worry about the costs.’

Despite its significant benefits, many people in the UK are either uninsured or underinsured, mainly due to misconceptions about the cost and complexity of life insurance. However, the reality is that life insurance is a flexible tool that can be customised to suit your needs and budget. It’s a testament to the evolving industry that there are myriad policy types available, from term life insurance, which covers you for a specific period, to whole life insurance, offering lifelong coverage and a cash value component. Choosing the right policy is essentially about determining your family’s needs and matching them to the most suitable coverage and benefits. It’s your strategic move, saying, ‘I’ve planned meticulously for your well-being.’


Another important aspect is timing. It’s generally more cost-effective to purchase life insurance when you’re younger and healthier as premiums tend to increase with age and potential health issues. This is not to dissuade older individuals, as many providers offer ‘over 50s’ policies, specifically designed for those who may have missed the boat earlier in life. It’s your pragmatic decision, whispering, ‘I’ve acted at the right time for your benefit.’

Life insurance also provides peace of mind. Knowing that your family will be taken care of financially can alleviate some of the existential anxiety associated with our mortality. And it’s this sense of relief that can lead to a more contented and fulfilled life. This is your silent nod, saying, ‘I’ve taken care of things so we can enjoy our time together without undue worry.’

The narrative surrounding life insurance needs reframing. It isn’t merely a morbid necessity but a profound declaration of love and responsibility. By securing a life insurance policy, you aren’t just planning for an inevitable event; you’re authoring the last love letter to your family. A letter that encapsulates your foresight, your protective instinct, and your enduring care.

It speaks volumes, saying, ‘I’ve taken steps to ensure you’re not burdened by financial stress, your lifestyle is maintained, your education is secured, your future is strengthened, and even my funeral is taken care of.’

I love You

Therefore, consider your life insurance policy as the last love letter to your family. It may not replace the emotional void that your absence will create, but it will undoubtedly alleviate the financial hardships that can follow. And in its own silent yet powerful way, it will whisper into the ears of your loved ones, ‘I cared, I thought about you, and I loved you deeply, even in my absence.’



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