The 39 questions below, may provide you with an indication as to whether you would be considered as being UK domicile. Contact us today to obtain a full, legal opinion on your UK domicile status.

  1. What was the birthplace of your father and his nationality when you were born?


  1. Where was your grandfather born, and what were his residence and nationality at the time of your father’s birth?


  1. Were your parents in a marital relationship and living together when you were born?


  1. In which location were you born and where was your family home during that time? Could you elaborate on your family’s connections, especially your father’s, with this place?


  1. What was your nationality at the time of your birth? Do you possess any additional nationalities? Which passports are in your possession and when did you acquire them?


  1. Did your parents maintain their marriage until you reached the age of 16?


  1. Did you reside in your country of birth until you reached the age of 16? If your family moved, where was the new location? Please provide comprehensive details until your 16th birthday.


  1. From the age of 16 onwards, where have you been a resident? What was the length of your stay in each place and the reasons for moving there and subsequently leaving?


  1. Have you ever planned to permanently stay in a specific country? Was it your primary residence when you formed this intention? Do you still maintain this intention?


  1. Where is your present residence? Are you planning to settle down there permanently? What connections do you have there? What is your current legal / residency status? Do you possess the legal right to stay there indefinitely? If not, is there a viable chance you might remain there permanently?


  1. What are your future living plans? Do you intend to stay in that place indefinitely?


  1. Are you in a marital relationship? If so, what are your spouse’s nationality, domicile, and residence? If you’re divorced, could you provide information on any other marriages? What is her current residency situation?


  1. Where does your immediate family currently live?


  1. Where do your closest friends presently reside?


  1. In which locations do you own property? Is it accessible for use?


  1. Are you associated with any political parties, institutions, clubs, societies, associations, or organizations? Where are these entities situated?


  1. Do you participate in political elections? If so, in which location?


  1. Have you prepared a will or multiple wills? Which jurisdiction governs them?


  1. Do you have children? Where were they born? Where are they residing now and what are their professions? What passports do they hold?


  1. Please enumerate any connections you have (friends, family, property, etc.) with the UK that haven’t been mentioned earlier, and the number of days you typically spend there each year. If possible, could this day count begin from the time you first departed from the UK?


  1. Where were your educational institutions located and what degrees or qualifications did you acquire there?


  1. What employment history do you have and in which locations were these jobs based?


  1. Where do you spend significant holidays or vacations?


  1. Do you hold bank accounts or other significant financial assets? If so, in which countries are these located?


  1. Are there countries in which you pay taxes? If so, which ones?


  1. Do you have any pension plans? If so, where are they based?


  1. Have you ever received any state benefits? If so, from which country?


  1. What is your mother tongue, and where did you learn it?


  1. Do you have any hobbies or recreational activities? If so, where do you pursue these?


  1. Have you ever been bestowed with any titles or honors? If so, by which country?


  1. Have you ever served in any country’s military or civil services? If so, which one?


  1. Have you ever held public office or a politically significant position? If so, in which country?


  1. Do you have any commercial interests or businesses? If so, in which countries are they located?


  1. Where is your primary doctor or healthcare provider located?


  1. Do you have any significant cultural, social, or historical ties to a specific place or country?


  1. Do you have any plans to acquire new nationalities or renounce existing ones? If so, please explain.


  1. Where were your children educated and what ties do they maintain with those places?


  1. Do you possess any heirlooms or culturally significant items from a specific country?


  1. What are your future plans concerning your country of birth or other countries where you have significant ties?




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