If you’re looking for expert independent QROPS advice on moving a UK pension, we can help. As Chartered Financial Planners and Chartered Investment Advisers we offer our clients, fee based (non commission based) expert advice on transferring their UK pensions – whether that be to a QROPS or SIPP. We’re UK Qualified advisers providing our clients with fee based advice from some of the most experienced and highly Qualified advisers currently providing advice to non UK residents.

Over the years a vast number of expats have chosen to transfer to a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) as a QROPS can offer significant tax and investment management advantages over that offered by a UK scheme. However, it’s pretty fair to say that a significant number of those individual’s who transferred their UK pensions to either a QROPS or a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension), have not received the kind of outcome that they had hoped for. Why is this? Well, in a nutshell, commission. The QROPS that has been arranged for them has been set up on a commission basis, which has meant that the adviser has put them in a QROPS trust, and underlying investment arrangement that is expensive, ineffective and inflexible. Our advice is 100% fee based – no commissions.

If you’ve moved abroad, and you’re considering moving your UK pension to a QROPS, before you do, speak to us. We offer fee-free initial consultations which can be done either in person, over the phone, or online using Go-To-Meeting. One of our Chartered Financial Planners will be able to talk you through the various options available to you and make an initial assessment as to whether a transfer to QROPS could work for you.

We’re financial services professionals that are committed to providing our clients with the very best fee based QROPS solutions. Contact us today to understand more about how we can help you.

One of our Senior Partners, Russell Hammond, is one of our most highly Qualified financial advisers providing financial planning, investment, and pension transfer advice to expatriates all over the world. As a Chartered Financial Planner, and Chartered Investment Adviser, Russell typifies the high quality of fee based advice that we provide, here at AES International.




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