Looking for Advice on Transferring a UK Pension?

There are a myriad of firms, out there within the international financial advice market place, all vying to help you with transferring your UK pension overseas. However, how do you differentiate one company from another? It’s difficult. We believe that whoever you deal with must be able to demonstrate to you that they are genuinely interested in building a long term relationship with you. How does an adviser demonstrate this intention?

By being fee – not commission based. Any adviser, who sees genuine value in what it is that they themselves offer, should be willing to work on the basis that they only get paid for as long as you remain happy with how the QROPS or SIPP is performing. No 7%-12% upfront commissions. The adviser is paid annually on the basis of an agreed fee, for as long as the adviser continues to full-fill everything that he said he would do at the start.

At AES International, we offer a fee only QROPS and SIPP advice service to our expatriate clients. No commissions, no trail commissions. Not at inception, not at any point.

If you’re an expat, currently considering whether or not to transfer your UK pensions to a QROPS or SIPP, contact us today for a no obligation discussion to see how we can help. We will give you no-nonsense, impartial guidance as to whether we feel that transferring your pensions overseas is suitable for you or not.  All of our initial discussions are free of charge and without any obligation.

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