EUR/USD is a currency that is traded in the billions every day. Many professional and private traders will attempt to trade EUR/USD in order to make profit on moves up and down.

Also, those living as expatriates will often have currency issues such as; when deciding which currency to get renumrated in or when transferring funds from EUROS to USD to buy property etc. What if I told you that there is an INCREDIBLY simple method that you could use to predict the movement of the EUR/USD which would have seen you get it right 100% of the time for the last SIX YEARS.

Take a look at this. If you had bought the Euro against the USD when it was above the 200 day simple moving average, and sold below the 200SMA, you would have had been right six times out of six. The method would have had you buying the Euro again at 1.319 on 20th September 2010.

THE MOST SIMPLE, PROFITABLE METHOD FOR TRADING THE EURO..EVER buy when above the blue line and sell when below the blue line. Simple as that.


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