Ripples have shot through the QROP industry, in recent weeks, as Guernsey – considered to be a premier centre for QROPS, lost it’s QROP status. Whilst existing QROPS based in Guernsey will not be impacted, immediately, it places a huge question mark over the long term position of many other QROP solutions.

Here at AES we recognise the usefulness of the QROP solution, however, we are also big advocates of the normally cheaper, UK Qualified (that is: no threat of ‘losing’ status) SIPP which makes even more sense for the younger client.

As independent advisers we are not tied, or encouraged, to use any particular bank or indeed particular pension solution. We use whatever is right for you.

A UK based, global firm – Qualified by the FCA, we are able to advise on the use of SIPPs when many international advisers cannot. This is purely and simply because they are not Qualified by the FCA in the UK and as such SIPP providers will not work with them.

At AES our advisers hold UK pension qualifications which mean that they are technically knowledgeable on the very best solutions available.

Please contact us today for an informal chat, over the phone, to understand more. Our normal process is to have initial discussions over the phone before flying out to meet with you wherever in the world you are, or arranging an e-meeting. Whatever works best for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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