If you’re considering transferring your frozen UK pensions to a QROP (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension) or SIPP (UK based equivalent Self Invested Personal Pension) wouldn’t it make sense to get advice from a UK approved and Qualified financial adviser that has offices in different areas of the world?

At AES we offer UK Qualified advice on QROP and SIPP transfers which means that you can rest assured knowing that you are being advised properly. Did you know, for example, that a SIPP has all the investment advantages of a QROP but will tend to be much cheaper than a QROP? It is true that a QROP has certain death benefit tax advantages over a SIPP, post retirement, however, before retirement or age 75 the tax charge on death is the same – 0%! So, why would you use a more expensive QROP when a SIPP offers you the same solution, at £250 a year instead of £1,000+?

Also by making use of a SIPP you benefit from tough statutory UK regulation and associated protection. The QROP market is constantly changing with Guernsey (previously the premier centre for QROPS) recently being stripped of its QROP status. With a UK based SIPP you do not need to worry about the ever changing, shifting sands, of the world of the QROP.

As a UK based firm, Qualified by the FCA, we are able to advise on the use of SIPPs when many international advisers cannot. This is purely and simply because they are not Qualified by the FCA in the UK and as such SIPP providers will not work with them.

At AES our advisers hold UK pension qualifications which mean that they are technically knowledgeable on the very best solutions available.

Please contact us today for an informal chat, over the phone, to understand more. Our normal process is to have initial discussions over the phone before flying out to meet with you wherever in the world you are.

Just to add, our QROP and SIPP solutions are almost always set up on a, industry beating, 0% initial fee so no sky high transfer costs. Also, and very importantly, we offer simple solutions. No confusing terms and conditions here.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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