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If you do not have a will in place you run the risk of placing your family in potential financial hardship upon the event of your death as dying ‘intestate’ will make the process of obtaining Probate, lengthier and more complicated.

Even more importantly your assets may be allocated and inherited in a manner which is not in line with your wishes. The idea that a will is only necessary for the high net worth client is not true. Irrespective of your financial net worth if you have a family, and property or assets a will is an essential document to ensure that you decide who will ultimately benefit from your estate. If your assets are domiciled in different geographical locations a legally binding will is even more important to ensure an accurate asset succession process.

Wills are not expensive especially when the cost of a will is set against the years of administrative difficulties and financial burden that dying intestate can cause your heirs.

If your assets are spread across multiple jurisdictions then your will is likely to be more complex. However, this is a highly worthwhile exercise when one considers the consequences for your dependents should you die, intestate, without a will. Creating a will is usually a straightforward and inexpensive process. We can arrange multi-jurisdiction, inexpensive wills.

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