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AES International advises expatriate clients worldwide on all financial planning matters including retirement planning, offshore bank accounts, savings and investment, insurance, pension transfers and generating income, from wealth accumulated, to support retirement.

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Best QROPS 2022, Best QROPS Providers, Best QROPS Jurisdiction

What Are the Benefits of arranging a QROPS with AES International? If you’re a British expat, you’ll know how important it is to consider your options fully when looking at your pension. Many of our overseas clients have chosen to transfer to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) as there...

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Inheritance Tax Planning & Inheritance Tax Mitigation for Expats

Inheritance Tax Planning & Inheritance Tax Mitigation for Expats / Non UK Residents As Benjamin Franklin said, death and taxes are life’s only two certainties. Unfortunately, with inheritance tax, it’s possible for the two to occur simultaneously. To understand more about what you can do, today, to reduce the inheritance tax...

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Diversification Benefit. What Is It and Why Should Your Portfolio Have it?

By Russell Hammond APFS MSCI So, you've heard about diversification but what's this about Diversification Benefit? Well, read on to find out why your portfolio should have it and why you (your adviser) should be monitoring it. So, Diversification Benefit is calculated on current portfolio holdings and is an indication to what...

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Change QROPS, Malta QROPS Changes 2019

Changes in Malta Rules QROPS 2019. 2021 Update – Contact Us Today If These Changes Have Affected You

2021 Update. If you've been told that you must appoint a Discetionary Fund Manager to your QROPS (DFM), contact us today to understand all of the DFM options available to you.   On the 1st of January 2019, substantive rules changes came into affect concerning the investment management of Maltese QROPS (Qualifying...

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Expat Investment Advice – Expat Financial Advice, UK Standard Worldwide

Expat Investment Advice - Expat Financial Advice If you're an expat working outside of the UK, for a short period of time or on a more permanent basis, and looking for high quality, UK standard, expat investment advice and or expat financial advice, contact us today to understand how we can...

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International Mortgages 2022

Are you interested in securing an international mortgage? Talk to us. We are able to assit in securing residential and commercial mortgages in over 50 countries around the World. We are able to supply mortgage financing for large loans - ie: over £ 1 million - on a case-by-case basis regardless of country subject...

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Financial Advice for International Sports People, Financial Advice for International Sports Professionals

Financial Advice For International Sports Professionals – IFA for Sports People

Providing International Sports Professionals with Insightful International Financial Advice As an International Sports Professional, we understand how your career will take a different shape to most others. Many Sports people see a high level of income, early in life, from a combination of fee and sponsorship income, however, this income will...

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International SIPP Guide 2022

International SIPPs   What is an International SIPP?    A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a pension plan that allows you to take complete control of where your contributions are invested. A SIPP usually provides access to a wide range of different investments, including:   Shares of individual companies, including those of companies that aren’t...

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Quilter International EIB / ERB Review. Before Buying You May Find This Helpful

If you have been recommended an Executive Investment Bond, or Executive Redemption Bond, EIB, ERB from Quilter International, by an international financial adviser, you may be able to secure significantly lower costs by investing into the EIB, ERB via us. The Quilter International Executive Investment Bond is an excellent investment product...

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