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AES International advises expatriate clients worldwide on all financial planning matters including retirement planning, offshore bank accounts, savings and investment, insurance, pension transfers and generating income, from wealth accumulated, to support retirement.

Mortgage Advice In The Netherlands for Expats

Some of you may have experienced that banks are weary about lending to non-Dutch residents. Some banks are more lenient towards Europeans, but then the temporary employment contract turns out to be a hurdle. We can highly recommend the services of José de Boer from De Boer Financial Consultants (also known...

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Beating Bank Deposits. Expatica Article read it here a week early!

AES are regular contributors to a diverse range of media outlets including the Financial Times, BBC television and a variety of online news channels. In the Netherlands, AES write for Expatica with an article being published next week 22nd December. As loyal followers of our blog, however, you have an opportunity to read...

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