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Financial Advice for Expats in Phuket, Thailand

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As an expatriate in Phuket, or wider Thailand, why would you choose to work with AES Wealth in addressing your Financial Planning and Investment goals?

AES provides advice directly from the United Kingdom to expatriates in Phuket. Due to the fact that the advice is originating from the UK (with no advice provided locally in Thailand), we apply the exact same rigour to maximising client outcomes as we would with a UK resident client.

There are other, non-Thailand based, firms that are providing advice to expats in Thailand, that are regulated from Cyprus or Gibraltar. Many of our clients appreciate the fact that they are able to work with AES because of the protection and clarity that UK regulation affords.

AES’ style of advice is exactly the same for residents in Phuket, as it would be for residents in Fulham. We extend the exact same Financial Planning and Investment solutions to residents of Thailand, as we do for residents of the UK.

AES does not accept commission payments from any provider which ensures, and guarantees, independence and transparency throughout the advice process.

AES has advisers that have obtained the coveted Chartered Financial Planner and or Chartered Investment Adviser status. There are very few Chartered Financial Planners providing advice to expatriate residents of Thailand. When working with a Chartered Financial Planner you’ll be getting advice from the highest qualified, most experienced Financial Planner and Investment adviser possible.

The investment and Financial Planning arrangements that AES use are almost always less expensive than those which other expatriate clients are using.

The investment performance of the funds and assets that AES use are quite simply the very best available, to any investor, worldwide. Performance for the investments that we use regularly beat benchmarks with considerably less downside and risk. Again, we act completely independently from any provider that we use. No commissions, and no conflicts of interest, at any time.

If you’re an Expatriate or International, working or retired, in Phuket and looking for professional financial planning & investment advice, from a trusted UK regulated adviser, designed specifically to address Expat individual requirements, we can help. We are experienced and familiar with assisting expatriate clients, living and working in outside of their country of origin, to address individual financial planning and investment needs.

AES International is a UK based (FCA regulated) financial services firm, operating out of offices worldwide that specialises in helping expats with their financial planning and investment requirements during the time that they are living and working as internationals – as well as continuing to take care of them when they return home.

Our standard practice is to schedule an initial discussion using e-conferencing (very easy- you just click on a link) or over the phone. Following on from this discussion we will then arrange subsequent meetings online with all recommendations provided in written format, in advance of such meetings.

Once everything is set up, we will then have a regular review meeting every six months, online, with review reports provided in advance of each review meeting. If and when you’re back in the UK, drop us a line and we’ll happily meet you at our offices in London or for lunch / dinner, your choice!

We know that (particularly when dealing with a financial services firm when you’re a long way from home) you need to know that you are dealing with an organisation you can trust. With over 10,000 clients worldwide, and having won awards from the Sunday Times, Financial Times, and Money Marketing you can rest assured that you are dealing with a financial services group that has it’s clients best interests at heart, at all times.

Financial Planning & Investment Advice for Expats in Phuket, IFA, for Expats from UK Regulated Adviser. QROPS, Investments, Insurance, Savings and Retirement Planning.

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    About AES International

    AES International advises expatriate clients worldwide on all financial planning matters including retirement planning, offshore bank accounts, savings and investment, insurance, pension transfers and generating income, from wealth accumulated, to support retirement.