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Reduce QROPS Charges – Reduce QROPS costs

Reduce QROPS Charges – Reduce QROPS costs
March 14, 2019 AES International

Since 2006 and Pension ‘A’ Day, thousands of individuals that have accumulated UK pensions have transferred to QROPS, however, some twelve years on many of those that have made the transfer to QROPS are looking at their QROPS arrangement and wondering if  it is possible to reduce QROPS charges. In a word, yes, it is.

For a discussion about how we can work, quickly, to reduce your ongoing QROPS costs, speak to us. We’re Chartered Financial Planners, regulated in the UK, EU and UAE, that are expert at reducing QROPS costs and charges and therefore providing our clients with better QROPS solutions.

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