Some of you may have experienced that banks are weary about lending to non-Dutch residents. Some banks are more lenient towards Europeans, but then the temporary employment contract turns out to be a hurdle.

We can highly recommend the services of José de Boer from De Boer Financial Consultants (also known as FVB or Financieel Voorlichtingsbureau de Boer). Her company is small but service oriented and has many years of experience in this field, with offices in The Hague area (Wassenaar) and Amsterdam.

So European or not, indefinite contract or fixed-term, for most prospective home buyers, each with their own set of circumstances, FVB can find a mortgage to suit you. This also goes for refinancing of course.

José recommends checking carefully what your financial limit is before you go shopping around for a house. But in the current market this could earn you money. The housing market in The Netherlands has not suffered to the same extent as many other countries, but this may not be a bad time to buy. While prices are starting to increase slowly again, houses are definitely up for sale for longer now and many home owners with their eye on another house are very motivated to sell. Interest rates are quite attractive at the moment (the fixed as well as the variable ones). So if you have met with a financial advisor before you start house hunting, and if you have a clear of idea of your financial possibilities and limits, you are in a very strong position to bargain well for your dream house.

If you are already a home owner, José or her colleagues are also happy to do a quick scan of your current mortgage (free of charge) to see you if your monthly payment could be reduced. Also, she could check out your other insurances for you to see if savings can be made here.

Please send us an email if you wish to get into contact with her and we will put you in touch with FVB. Of course without any obligations!


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